A Matter of Purpose

People around our world are doing things mostly without any purpose. They’ve no idea why they are doing something and what could happen as a consequence for them or others.  Why people go working from 9-5 every single day?

Imagine how many people are jumping out of bed when the alarm sounds, only to stress out to reach their work and from this moment on stressing through the day.
They spend their time with other humans, which mostly they can’t stand to be around. They need to listen to somebody which will certainly fulfill all dreams with the efforts the employees are doing. Do you know who will most likely fulfill his dreams there? you’re right! It’s the boss.

Working for Somebody is Exactly That

You won’t get what you want because you are part of somebody else’s plan.
I realized just now while typing this that the topic could be somewhat depressing. Understand this in the right way, it’s meant to give you a clear picture of the downside within the “rat-race!”
Ok, let’s cut to the deal of this blog:

Following somebody else’s purpose blindly, is very dangerous for your luck, life and happiness. Align your purpose with other people that have the same or close purposes in their lives and you will see magical things beginning to happen. We can have reasons and we can have goals, all without any purpose. The problem is that we stop following our goals when we have no core desire to back it up.

Be aware of this: every single one of us has a clear purpose, genius and a talent to share and impact the world with.


Support, Help and Impact our World in a Positive Way 

To always include an ethical and harmonious connections into one’s purposes will have a very high level of impact to fulfilling the dreams you have and make them a reality for yourself.

There are many ways to find a purpose in life. One is the questioning of oneself. If you are starting a business, for example, you have to urgently understand that all that you feel, think and intend with it, will go into the process of creating it.
Even more so, it will flow into your content and contacts with others sub-consciously.
People feel very strongly what you intend to do.
Some have distant gut-feeling others a clear ringing bell in the head that warns them to not get any more involved, or to follow along. This of course, when the intentions and plans are somewhat phony, evil or ill-intended.  This feeling is almost every time right.

If you have no purpose or intention that is crystal clear or your intentions are phony, then people will dismantle you. Ok, let us dig into my message for this shorter blog:

Get clear about your purpose in life, work and family.
Get clear about your intentions with your business.


Please try to urgently understand that these intentions need to include not only you and your family but everybody that will get in touch with it.

What do you plan to achieve for your visitors, customers and people you can reach?
What do you want to change with and through your services?
What get people out of it?

Right, I do not forget that you have to think about yourself and your survival too. Include it, bring it together and try to reach a level of ethical harmony between you, your company / online business and your customers / visitors. It will support you in getting what you want and you will reach your goals more easily.


You get a “to-Do” now:

How you Can Get to your Purpose 

Ask yourself over and over again what would be different when you reach your goals.  What would change for you? How would you feel? What you can do finally with your life, after achieving then next goal – leap, and what new goals could you set? What will you do to pay back?

In your mind: Reach those new goals and ways through life and ask all those questions again, until you not find any answers anymore.
Then wait a second in your vision until the answer arises out of your sub-consciousness…

this is your first inner purpose.
Know this it is not your life purpose.

Repeat the steps above again. Do so until you have the inner urge, the true feeling and desire hitting your heart and mind the same time.
Then you know what it is. The purpose for this life, what it is you should do or reach.

Enjoy this journey in your mind, and enjoy this as it will open a door into a life, that you never thought would be possible.

Sunny regards


Article by Stefan Logar

Stefan Logar is a specialist for processes in all kind of intellectual levels. He is Switzerland's #1 expert to optimize and integrate solutions to increase workflow and success.

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