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Saying yes

With a peek onto the image above, I would love to explain the positive power that lays within the acceptance of each and every situation in life.

Saying yes to everything! 

The empowerment one can derive out of this is so immense that I can’t even find the words to explain it within a simple blog. But so much I can say:

“Saying yes to everything is the most empowering transformation into a higher connection that I have discovered.” – Stefan Logar

Imagine a situation comes along in which you are uncertain how to decide for it. Let’s even assume that this situation is something that needs immediate attention and urgently a decision from you.

If you say: “NO, I don’t want this.” It would mean you will not only fight something unavoidable, but you will also disconnect yourself from your present, slipping into fear, anger, hate maybe, or even worse states of anxiety.

“Saying yes connects you to the solution.” – Martin Altherr

I think one of the most important discoveries within the concept of saying yes to everything was for me the understanding of what it means.

Saying yes to everything means allowing all situations, moments, happenings, processes, and ideas to flow with them. Flowing with them is simply taking them head on and weighing their importance to our lives. Look at them from all angles and views, to come to a decision what to do with this “thing” now.

From saying yes to a situation till accepting it, is a long way to go. Simply decide what you are going to do with it after allowing its place and state in its space in existence. Sounds crazy?

It isn’t, like every immaterial thing, also processes, situations, happenings, or otherwise, simply “are”. They do not do anything. You, on the other hand, should decide what to do with them. Blocking them away will only increase suffering, end in denial and probably worse.

How I learned to use it consciously

Somewhere in Summer 2016 my business partners and I were eating lunch with our mentor. While talking about business, ideas, and having fun a question came up:

“Can you tell us what the most important thing to understand would be, in your eyes?

I asked our mentor. “Well,” he answered after a short pause, “I have to tell you a little story here. When I was working with Richard Branson, I asked him essentially the same question. And Richard told me this: When you want to teach your students something very valuable, tell them to say YES, to everything.”

We all listened and in awe, I asked: “Yes? That’s it? What does it mean?”

Our mentor started laughing, as he had asked Richard the very same questions. The answer is even more profound than one might believe.

Richard scratched his chin and looked up to the ceiling while humming a deep “hmph” then turned to our mentor and told him this: “Yes, tell them to say yes to everything because it feels good!”

This little story had such a depth that it changed how I viewed the whole world. Like I said in the very beginning of this blog, saying yes to everything will connect you on a whole different level of opportunity, chances, and solutions.

It does not mean to say yes to every crazy idea or request that comes along. On the contrary. It means that you accept the situation as it comes along, that you give it space and allow it into your life. Then you decide if you accept or deny place within your flow, within your life.

Enjoy saying yes to everything and see what great changes will take place in your life.

Sunny Regards

Stefan Logar
CEO/ Founder
The Abundance Principles


Article by Stefan Logar

Stefan Logar is a specialist for processes in all kind of intellectual levels. He is Switzerland's #1 expert to optimize and integrate solutions to increase workflow and success.

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