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Webinar Series

People face blocking situations every day, situations that hinder them from having or becoming what they want. These situations are often created by the people themselves. They are coming from sabotage patterns that are hidden in their beliefs, or from fear they never thought existed behind their (re)actions. But we know that everybody can become a powerful creator in business, life, and relations. That is why we created The Abundance Principles. We help people detect and dissolve their success killers, we guide them overcoming their personal challenges and we teach them how to become a powerful creator in their life.

The main goal of our method is to raise awareness of 1 million people across the world so they can become change makers. To do so, we organize conferences and workshop in our local area, but we also aim to touch people globally through webinars, group calls and one-on-one sessions via the internet.

During our next 3 webinar series, we are going to present our program "Master Of Your Creation", which is designed to teach people how to become powerful creators.

Each webinar of 1h presentation and 30min Q&A, are going to take place 3 days in a row, and scheduled according to the preferences of your audience.

Webinar 1: Discover Your True Relation With Money

  • Physiological aspect of the law of attraction
  • Money-mindset? Why you have to be prepared!
  • Learn how your relationship with money can sabotage the use of universal laws.
  • Impactful assessment that is designed to reveal what you really believe about money.

Webinar 2: Make Peace With Money

  • Money-factor in Procrastination
  • The truth about common beliefs
  • Money Demystified
  • Instant appreciation; even it's getting tough

Webinar 3: Be the Master of Your Creation

  • 9 Patterns that unconsciously sabotage every human
  • Clarity, or how to supercharge Law of Attraction principles
  • Goal-Problem Cycle in creation processes
  • Dissolving creation saboteurs

... this is a great opportunity for me to improve and grow!"

Gisela Rocha

Speakers Bios


Martin Altherr

Founder & CCO

Martin is an expert for heart and mind based creation and innovation.

As 16 years young rookie he built his first two companies: an audio studio and a video studio. He made documentations for Weleda Germany and DM-Drugstores Germany and Austria. At the same time, he came in contact with a healer and got already at the age of 16 a deep and holistic insight into the application of secret techniques.

After a jumpstart career as production manager in the musical scene, he started to trade with jewelry and diamonds. Through this, he came closer to his personal calling and 16 years ago he started his career on holistic, heart-centered and systemic work. From then on he has taught in training centers for therapists and worked as a supervisor for therapists, private clients, and leading managers.

All the teachers and mentors he had on his way were a profound preparation for the mission he carries out today.


Stefan Logar

Founder & CEO

Stefan is a specialist for processes in all kind of intellectual levels. He is Switzerland’s #1 expert to optimize and integrate solutions to increase workflow and success.

During the last six years, Stefan worked with top entrepreneurs around our globe and created from the essence of their patterns, techniques and successes, the Book: SPOTE “The Secret Patterns Of Top Entrepreneurs”, which just has been released as e-book recently.

Besides his writing, Stefan worked with international and national companies to ensure a higher rate of team efficiency, for example with AXA-Philippines he created a structure and work-flow system for Sales-Teams which tripled their closing rate within three months.

The last couple of years he started to coach people and helping them create better results to create more energy, focus, purpose, and desire in life.




Mentors & Teachers

For years now, we are working on personal development and on continuously improving our skills in entrepreneurship. That is why we surround ourselves with the best mentors. Here is a non-exhaustive list of people with whom we have worked or are working with.


Bob Proctor


Robert Kiyosaki


Tim Kelley

Bert Hellinger


Kane Minkus


Alessia Minkus


Bodo Schäfer

Jirina Prekop


Sometimes you do not have the chance to work with amazing people personally. Either because you are not yet ready to connect directly with them or because your time arrives after theirs. Anyway, these people are a strong inspiration, so here is a list of people whose work has deeply touched us, and our work.